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Rates & Fees does not charge fees to submit a request regarding cash loans. Please note: is not a lender and does not provide cash lending services directly to consumers. Once you submit your cash loan request, searches its vast network of quality lenders to connect you with a lender and loan tailored to your needs. Your lender will disclose all fees and rate details at the time of loan approval.

If your request is approved, you will be redirected to your lender’s e-signature page which will contain all fees and rate information for the lender’s loan offering. It is important that you thoroughly review all information provided prior to agreeing to the loan terms and conditions. You are not required to accept the loan offered by the network lender. However, if the loan terms meet your needs, simply append the e-signature and wait for your funds to transfer. In as little as 1 business day, funds can be direct-deposited into the bank account provided on your request.

Fees and interest rates of cash loans are established solely by your lender, with specific amounts determined by information provided in your loan request. Most cash loans are between $100 and $1,000. Your monthly income and employment status determine how much you can borrow and what rates you can receive. has no influence on how network lenders establish fee amounts and interest rates for cash loans.

In accordance with the Truth in Lending Act, lenders must fully disclose all loan fees and interest rates to borrowers up front. Borrowers have the right to determine if the provided terms and conditions are suitable before signing anything. You are not obligated to continue with the cash loans request process if you deem the terms and conditions unacceptable.

Interest rates for cash loans offered by lenders may fluctuate and are typically higher than those provided by banks. However, bank loans have more stringent qualification criteria and often incur a longer review period. You can receive your funds as soon as the next business day with cash loans, whereas it could take weeks to obtain a similar loan from a banking institution. does not charge any fees and viewing the results of your prospective lender search implies no obligation of either the borrower or lender.

A common misconception is that a poor credit rating can cause you to receive a higher loan interest rate. lenders do not require credit scores and do not ask applicants to provide credit score details. Your credit score will not affect the fees and terms of your loan in any way.

Local laws and regulations play a determining factor in the rates and fees offered for your loan. Lending terms may vary by state, since some states have taken action to increase regulation of the cash loans industry.